5 Big Things I wish I added to my Baby Registry

5 Big Things I wish I had added to my Baby Registry List

As a first time mom it can be hard to know what you’ll really need or what to put on your baby registry list, there are so many lists out there, and so many gadgets, but here are some things I missed off of my list that really would have come in handy, so hopefully you’ll find this little list helpful and add them to yours.

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#1.An Actual Hands Free Pumping Bra

While I managed well enough with a sports bra with two holes cut in it which was about a quarter of the price of an actual proper hands free pumping bra, I must admit that I did get a bit of bra envy when I saw this little number on my friends Baby Registry, and when I got it for her I could see the craftsmanship was well worth the extra bucks as it was designed to allow you to move about  and get a few light chores done while pumping without worrying about spillage. This is definitely going on my list when we expand our little family.


#2.A Kinderpack baby carrier

I had a BabyBjorn hand me down from my sister which was pretty decent, and when he grew out of that I got a cheap no name brand from Amazon with a seat on the hips which helped balance out the weight while traveling to England, so I had hands free on the airplane, which I thought was pretty cool…until recently when a friend lent me her Kinderpack baby/toddler carrier while we were at a get together and boy I wish I had known about this before! This thing is just so incredible! I wish I had known about it sooner and used it all those times I used the other ones because it felt so light and comfortable to wear it even though my toddler was almost two, somehow it’s designed to distribute the weight so evenly that it just feels like a part of you and your baby is so snug in it that you don’t have to worry about them slipping or climbing out. I never knew there could be such a difference in the design! This will definitely make the list for the next one.

#3.A Baby Swing

It seems like once one person starts having babies it sets off a baby boom, at least with my friends and family, which is pretty amazing! Anyway, so in visiting all these new adorable babies I have noticed that some of them have these awesome baby swings where mommy can put baby in and it rocks them and she can move around and hang out a bit. I imagine it would also really come in handy to get some things done when no one else is there. This is something I really wish that I had added to keep my little one happy and soothed while I cooked dinner, tidied up etc. So with the next baby one of these will definitely be on my list.


#4. A Video Baby Monitor

We were trying to keep things on our Baby List at a reasonable price so the video monitor seemed a bit costly and unnecessary at the time in comparison to the walkie talkie type for a fraction of the cost that seemed like it would do the job just fine…however, after having to run from the kitchen while cooking, or stopping a movie mid scene, to creep into to the bedroom to investigate every suspicious noise that came though the radio noise rather than being able to check what was going on via the monitor, in hindsight this would have been pretty nifty and well worth the money. So next time round we’ll be getting one of these for sure.

#5.An All in One Car Seat

This All-in-one Car Seat never made it on to our list originally because we weren’t really thinking that far ahead, but thankfully it was actually given to us by some very good friends and is definitely the way to go when it comes to car seats…you don’t want to have to keep upgrading to a bigger size every year…with this you can just adjust it as they grow. We ended up getting one for each car to make things even easier. It’s well worth the time and hassle saved in switching the seat from car to car; it’s hard enough juggling a toddler, diaper bag, your handbag, coffee, etc….this makes life sooo much easier! I definitely recommend adding this to your registry.

I hope these items will make your list and make your life as a new parent run a little more smoothly.


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